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Certificate Course

The Certificate in Astrology Course at The Mayo School of Astrology is designed to give students a good grounding in the fundamental principles of Astrology. If you enrol as a student for the Certificate Course you will be taught a broad syllabus from which astrological theories are based, along with the fundamentals of chart interpretation.

We aim to educate students on the cycles which astrologers use in their art and science. You will learn how to calculate charts for births anywhere on earth, and to interpret these in terms of potential psychological traits. Students can expect to be proficient in basic astrological interpretation by the end of Semester 3. 

The Course aims to stimulate, encourage and inspire students and teach them to the highest standard.  Students are expected to apply themselves to the material and test papers provided whilst, we hope, will enjoy the study and all aspects of the course.

The Certificate in Astrology Course is structured into three semesters and is designed for you to study at your own pace.  You will, however, need to complete the Certificate within 12 months of enrolment.  You will be allowed to work on test papers at a level appropriate to your ability to absorb what is taught. The average time taken to complete the Course is 9-12 months, though some students have comfortably completed it in 6 months.

Semester One - Basic Principles
Test Papers: You will be required to submit 8 test papers

You are introduced to the meaning and synthesis of the planets, the signs and the houses.  The following will be covered in detail: the interpretation of each planet; its mythology and symbolism; the principles it relates to; an in-depth view of the zodiac signs and how each planet relates to each sign; the elements, qualities and polarities/modes and how they colour the planets. You will also explore the meaning of the twelve houses and how they influence the planets and signs, as well as learning about the angles, the chart quadrants and hemispheres.

Semester Two - History and Technical
Test Papers: You will be required to submit 8 test papers

You will be taught how to prepare a hand drawn astrological chart, plotting the planets, the signs and the houses using simple techniques.  You will be given an introduction to astronomy and learn about the sky we live under, as well as an introduction to the history of astrology and its relationship to modern psychology.

Semester Three - Application and Analysis
Test Papers: You will be required to submit 8 test papers

You will be taught to interpret planetary aspects, astrological configurations, chart shaping, planets of focus, retrograde planets and the phases of the moon. You will practice on both case studies and your own natal chart.

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