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To complete the Certificate in Astrology Course, students are required to complete 24 test papers which have been completed to the satisfaction of a Tutor and the Principal.  No extra fee will be charged for examinations as the award is based on the satisfactory completion of coursework only.

Upon completion, students will qualify for a ‘Certificate of The Mayo School of Astrology’ and will be eligible to enrol on the Diploma in Astrology Course. The Mayo School is also proud to be the only school that offers students the opportunity to graduate in either Natal or Mundane astrology.

The Diploma Course is designed for people who wish to pursue their study of astrology at a more serious level. The Diploma Course will comprise of 24 test papers and a final project.  Successful completion of the test papers and project to the satisfaction of a Tutor and Principal will qualify for the award.

For both certificate and diploma students - those who achieve average grades between 80 - 89 will graduate with a merit. Those who achieve grades of 90 and above will graduate with a distinction.

Graduates of the Diploma Course are required to sign a Code of Ethics, which are included at the end of this booklet, before completion.

Upon completion of the ‘Diploma of the Mayo School of Astrology’, graduates will qualify to add the prestigious letters D.M. Astrol after their names and be eligible to register with the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).


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