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Diploma Course

The Diploma in Astrology Course is designed to give sound training in all advanced aspects of interpretation and applying the astrological craft to the highest standard.  The course can take up to two years to complete although many students complete it comfortably a lot sooner.  The compulsory papers are set over 4 semesters.  The terms have no set dates and can be started and completed within your own time.  However, it is expected that each semester would be completed within 6-10 months. 

Where the Mayo School Diploma Course is unique and compares with no other is that it offers the option to graduate in either natal (psychological) or mundane (social and world) astrology. Although students will be exposed to and expected to learn the full syllabus, the final project required for the Diploma will be in either natal or mundane astrology, at the choice of the student. There are no examinations for the Diploma Course.  Students will be expected to complete 24 test papers and a final project.

A candidate who shows above average ability will be awarded the Diploma with Credit. When an exceptional high standard is achieved, the Diploma will be awarded with Distinction.
Candidates who wish to submit a project for both natal and mundane astrology will be awarded the Diploma with honors.

Students who fail the course will be eligible to re-sit test papers and the project two more times only, and within three years of enrolment.

The Diploma Course of the Mayo School of Astrology will be of considerable value to you if you intend to continue your studies in astrology, embark on professional consultancy work, research, write, teach, enter the media or use astrology alongside other professional practices such as business or health.  The Mayo syllabus is also designed to equip graduates to use astrological principles to understand social, global and economic phenomena.

The semesters and test papers must be studied and completed in numerical order.  The syllabus is designed to expand your knowledge through the building blocks of each semester’s studies and to prepare you for the final project, which is set by the school each year, and required for graduation.

The required pre-requisites for enrolling on the Diploma are either the completion of the Mayo Certificate Course, the Mayo Advanced Preparatory Course, or equivalent.  Students who have had no formal training but who can demonstrate sound knowledge of chart calculation and interpretation will also be considered for the Mayo School of Astrology Diploma Course.

Semester One - Advanced Technical
Test Papers: You will be required to submit 8 test papers

You will learn how to calculate progressions, directions and transits by hand in preparation for forecasting.  The semester will cover more advanced astronomy and the philosophy of astrology.

Semester Two - Forecasting
Test Papers: You will be required to submit 8 test papers

You will study the planetary cycles in more depth.  You will learn how to assess time and life cycles for the past, present and future and you will be introduced to a variety of techniques of forecasting applied to the natal chart.

Semester Three - Advanced Application and Analysis
Test papers: You will be required to submit 8 test papers

You will learn to understand the various theoretical models astrologers use in their work.  Synastry, midpoints and harmonics, elections, rectification and various other branches of astrology will be covered.  You will be taught to interpret charts at an advanced and proficient level. You will also be introduced to the optional modules which will be required to complete your final project.

Semester Four - Specialised Subjects
You will be required to submit a final project.

You will be led through case studies and taught how to build interpretative analysis for either natal astrology in preparation for practical consultation work or mundane astrology on social and global current affairs.  

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