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Becoming familiar with Distance Learning

home studyThe Mayo School of Astrology operates correspondence and distance learning courses only. Although events will be organised for Mayo students annually, attendance at these is not compulsory, and all of your study will be done at home. Online courses will be set up by the end of 2008 to help provide further assistance and interaction with students.

Upon enrolment you will receive a folder containing instruction letters, test papers, chart forms, ephemeris, reading material and supplementary literature, all of which is included to enable you to complete your course work. You will be allocated a student number
which you will need to enter on all coursework you submit.

studentAlthough studying from home is very convenient it does require discipline. Work, family and social events can often be distracting so it is essential you allocate a number of hours a week to study for the courses. Additionally, if you allow too wide a gap between studying and submitting test papers it is easy to forget what you have learnt. For the certificate course we recommend you allocate 5-8 hours a week depending on the speed at which you work.
We also recommend that you do further reading in addition to this. For the Diploma course we recommend you allocate 8-12 hours a week with additional further reading.

As studying from home can feel isolating at times, we recommend you join the student forum designed for Mayo students only. Here, you can post questions, learn about resources available to assist your study, interact with other students, and learn more about astrology generally.

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