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ASCAstrology Student Conference 2010
Life Path, Career and Astrology as a Vocation.
Plus a Q&A session with the speakers
Saturday 24th April & Sunday 25th April 2010
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ASCAstrology Student Conference 2009
The Astrology Student Conference, held on the 4th & 5th April 2009 in London. Speakers include Lynn Bell, Adrian Ross Duncan, Alan Oken, John Green, Deborah Houlding, with Frank Clifford and Wendy Stacey.
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Astrology Student Conference 2008
A review of the London School of Astrology & Mayo School Student Conference. 21-22 June 2008

Dawn of Astrology with Nick CampionThe Dawn of Astrology with Dr Nick Campion
Workshop based on the latest scholarship and on material in Nick’s book, The Dawn of Astrology.
23 November 2008
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The Property MarketThe Property Market A Global VIew
A day seminar with Wendy Stacey
19 October 2008

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