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Full programme of specialised webinars will be
posted on 15th September 2017


2017-2018 Astrology Certified Beginners Class Outline

The Mayo School will be running beginner’s online classes which start in the Autumn 2017. There are three terms in one year and classes will run on Monday nights from 7pm – 9pm.

Students will need to attend the following classes;

Term 1 - 6 webinars – cost £199 and is payable at the start of each term
This term will cover the planets, the signs and the astrological houses.

1) Monday October 16th
2) Monday October 23rd
3) Monday October 30th
4) Monday November 6th
5) Monday November 13th
6) Monday November 20th

Term 2 - 6 webinars – cost £199 and is payable at the start of each term
This term will cover the introduction to the history of astrology, basic social and global (Mundane) astrology and Aspects between the planets.

1) Monday 5th February
2) Monday 12th February
3) Monday 19th February
4) Monday 26th February
5) Monday 5th March
6) Monday 12th March

Term 3 – 6 webinars – cost £199 and is payable at the start of each term
This term will cover Major aspect configurations, Moon phases, Retrogradation, Chart shaping and an introduction to Relationship Astrology (Synastry) and Interpretation of the natal chart.

1) Monday 9th April
2) Monday 16th April
3) Monday 23rd April
4) Monday 30th April
5) Monday 7th May
6) Monday 14th May

Students can receive a 10% discount if three terms are paid in advance.

To qualify for a Certificate of Attendance only, students will need to attend all webinars.

To qualify for a Certificate in Astrology, students will need to attend each webinar and submit a 500-word report after each webinar. Students will also need to complete a final project (chart analysis) of 1,500 words

Webinars will be presented by Wendy Stacey and Graham Ibell and may involve guest lecturers.


Classes and tutors subject to change

Live Online Interactive Classes

A headset is advised to avoid feedback problems and echoing.

WEBEX is a global webinar software provider to several academic and corporate institutions.

A small piece of Java software is required to participate in the online classes. This is very small, safe and quick to download (you will be sent a link before the webinar begins).

Participants who need to check timezones we recommend the site:

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