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Student Testimonials

Alexandros Kypriotis
German Teacher, Translator, Managing Editor of ASTROLOGOS magazine (Greece)

When I decided to study astrology, I did some research in the web first, in order to find the right school for me.  I started by visiting the web page of the Mayo School of Astrology because of its high reputation in Greece.  About a month later, having read quite a lot of astrology course prospectuses in Greek, English and German and having exchanged some emails, I went back to the Mayo School web page and filled in the enrolment form. I am now very happy for having done so, and especially after having transferred to the New Syllabus, which is as well-organized as the old one, but much more student-friendly, really broader than the previous one and with an excellent recommended reading list, similar to those of university courses.  When you start now to do a test paper, you feel much more confident than before, thanks to the exercises added, which help you check out what you have learnt so far.  Both my tutors (my first one has retired) have been very helpful and prompt to answer any questions of mine, without neglecting to send back some words of encouragement to me along with their marking.

MandyMandy Morrell

Diploma Graduate (UK)

My Diploma was awarded in 1997 and I had only been studying with the Mayo School for one year prior to the examination. The tutors are so prompt with marking and returning the exercises that it was possible to gain momentum and I never lost the thread of my studies.

I was very impressed with how thorough the syllabus is and how the practicalities of calculating a chart are beautifully demystified. My tutor’s comments were always encouraging and it was clear that she took a great interest in my ideas.

I have gone on to become an astrological consultant alongside being a musician and a Registrar of births and deaths. My experience of one-to-one counselling was felt to be very relevant to the latter role.

Paul Harrison
London, Current Student - 2008 (UK)

One's first impression of this school is of its professionalism. Papers arrive promptly, test papers are marked, and all difficulties and problems responded to, quickly. The help, guidance and encouragement of the course tutor is of tremendous benefit. The course material is clearly presented, with the use of stimulating and interesting manuals written by very experienced astrologers. The structure of the course is such that, with a little effort and a willingness to see the world in rather a different way, one is guided into the wonderful world of astrology. The biggest surprise for me has been how enjoyable the journey into this world is and how astrology is already an important and fascinating part of my life. Thanks Mayo School!

Nina ShuttlewoodNina Shuttlewood
Certificate & Diploma Graduate (UK)

I purchased my first Amstrad computer around my birthday on the 23rd of February 1990, and in the box was a computer magazine. Colin Miles was advertising in it and I rang him and asked about astrology. We had a chat and I put down the telephone, looked at his name again as noticed he had the title DMS.Astrol. after his name. I rang him back and asked him what that meant. He explained that he had completed his studies at the Mayo School of Astrology and gave me their telephone number.

 I had no knowledge whatsoever about astrology and couldn't even write the glyphs! I rang Jackie Hudson - the Principal at the time - the same day for the Beginner's Course and was given a Student Number and my own correspondence Tutor, who was Colin Parker BA, DMS (Astrol), from Longlevens in Gloucestershire.  He was a first class tutor. He had to be, as I had never read an Astrology book until I received Margaret Hone’s Modern Textbook of Astrology

I passed the Certificate Course, then several years later  a small group of four girls and I got together to study astrology. We all had some knowledge and used to meet once a month to further our combined knowledge. One of the girls had studied with another well known Astrology Group and I noticed immediately her knowledge was so much more limited than mine. She seemed to have been taught in small nodules rather getting the whole picture, which the Mayo had given me. We decided to apply to the Mayo for our Diploma and the girl wrote to her School of Astrology and asked if they thought she had sufficient knowledge to take her through the Mayo Diploma, which is what Jackie had requested, and she had. So we were both delighted to take and pass our Diploma Course.   

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