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Astrology Student Conference 2010 Review
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This year’s Astrology Student Conference, organised by the LSA and Mayo Schools, took place on a sunny weekend in April. 

ASC 2010Due to travel disruptions caused by the volcanic ash cloud, one of the speakers, Brian Clark, who was due to fly to the UK from Australia to give his talk, could not make it, and Melanie Reinhart delivered his presentation on his behalf.  Luckily, Alexander von Schlieffen managed to catch a flight from Germany to participate as planned.  Many of the delegates also travelled to the UK from destinations around Europe – including Greece, Germany, Poland and Ireland and it was wonderful that they could make it despite the uncertainty and disruption to the flights in the days leading up to the conference.

The speakers covered a wide range of subjects on the theme of Life Path, Career and Astrology as a Vocation, including Frank Clifford on ‘Following the Bliss of your Sun through the MC’, Wendy Stacey on ‘Setting Up an Astrological Practice, Alexander von Schlieffen on ‘The Hidden Vocation: the 12th House, Deborah Houlding on ‘Career Guidance with Horary, Sue Tompkins on ‘The Astrology of Vocation and Work’, Ben Dykes on ‘Profession and Life Purpose in Traditional Astrology.  Melanie Reinhart and Frank Clifford held a discussion on ‘Astrology as Vocation’, and Melanie presented Brian Clark’s talk on ‘Spheres of Substance: the Role of the 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses in Vocation’.

Student Conference 2010Deborah Houlding held a special workshop on ‘Electing for Success’, and a Discussion Forum on ‘2010–11 The Climax of Change’ was led by Alexander von Schlieffen, on the Sunday morning.  Darby Costello presented a talk on ‘Uranus in Aries: A Call to Excellence’, and the conference ended with a panel discussion among the speakers, with questions from the audience on the current economic and political climate, responsible practice for astrologers, and other issues. 

The Astrology Shop of Covent Garden provided the bookstall at the conference with a large selection of books and astrologically-themed items for sale, which were greatly appreciated by all who attended. 

On the Saturday evening, many of the speakers and delegates continued on to dinner and lively conversation at the Le Mercury restaurant in Euston, where they were able to continue astrological discussions as well as catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Feedback from the delegates included:

This was my first ASC but it will not be the last!  Have thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.’

‘All good, learned a lot.’

‘Very enjoyable conference and friendly attitude.’

‘It was a real pleasure to be here.’

The next ASC is scheduled to in Spring 2011 in London, further details will be announced on the website.

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