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Judy BeckmanJudy Beckman D.M.Astrol has been a tutor for the Mayo school for almost twenty years.  She has served on the council for the Association of Professional Astrologers International and has written the section on progressions.

Nick CampionDr Nick Campion
, DMS Astrol, is course director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Lampeter, and is the author of the two volume Cultural History of Western Astrology, The Dawn of Astrology and The Golden Age of Astrology, among numerous other books.  He has contributed the modules on The History of Astrology and Mundane Astrology to this course.

Claire ChandlerClaire Chandler BA.,D.F.Astrol.S, has been the President of the Astrological Lodge of London since 2002 and a former editor of its publication, Astrology Quarterly. She was the Secretary of the APAE from 2002 - 2008. Claire has written the sections on Eclipses, Solar and Lunar returns and Relocation.

Frank CliffordFrank Clifford
, BA, Dip LSA, Principal for the London School of Astrology, author of seven books and is one of the World's great astrological data experts. He has written the section on Chart Shapings and Solar Arc Directions.

Alice EkrekAlice Ekrek
, BA, MA and Secretary for the Astrological Association and the Sophia Trust, has written the sections on The Houses, The Angles, What is Astrology, Branches of Astrology and How to Use an Ephemeris. She has also edited and contributed to the full course content. Alice also manages the Mayo school database.

John GreenJohn Green
Dip Psych. Astrol is a Tutor for the Centre of Psychological Astrology, is on the council for the Association of Professional Astrologers and is the Editor for the Astrological Association of Great Britain's Astrological Journal. He has written the sections on Synastry and The Business of Astrology.

Jackie HudsonJackie Hudson
, MA, MSC, DMS Astrol and ex Principal of The Mayo School, has contributed to the course content, guidelines for students and test papers.

Margaret HoneMargaret Hone, Founder and ex-President of the Facutly of Astrological Studies, kindly handed material for the correspondence course to Jeff Mayo in 1973 and contributed to the section on Astronomy.

Mavis KlienMavis Klein qualified as a psychotherapist with the International Transactional Analysis Association in 1976 and as an astrolger with the Mayo School in 1983. She is the author of eight books. Mavis has written the sections on aspect listings and family relationships.

Jeff MayoJeff Mayo, DMS Astrol (hon.), DF Astrol, founded The Mayo School and wrote pieces on Student Guidelines, Astronomy, Synastry, Interpretation and test papers.

Caroline MorozCaroline Moroz, BA, AGE Int. Dip, Tutor for The Mayo School, has written the sections on The Signs, Aspects, Grand Aspect Patterns, Moon Phases, Retrograde Motion and Transits and continues to edit course material.

Christine RamsdaleChristine Ramsdale has been a consultant astrologer since 1971 and tutored for the Mayo school along with Jeff Mayo. She also co-wrote the 3rd edition of Teach Yourself Astrology with Jeff Mayo, ran the library for the AA, indexed the AA journal from 1959-1989 and has taught and lectured for several years. Christine has written the section on midpoints.

Maureen RavenhallMaureen Ravenhall, D.F.Astrol.S, R.C.Astrol is the Chair for the Association of Professional Astroloogers and has been on the Council for the Astrlogical Association of Great Britain. Maureen has written the sections on Astrolgical Counselling.

Wendy StaceyWendy Stacey
, BA, MA, Dip LSA, is the Principal of The Mayo School and the Chair of the Astrological Association. She is a member of the Advisory Panel of Astrological Education in the UK and has written the sections on The Planets, The Yod, Unaspected Planets, Interpretation, Synastry, Calculation, Astronomy, Rectification, Elections and Guidelines for Students, Exercises and Test Papers.

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