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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Mayo qualifications internationally recognised?
Yes, the Mayo school was one of the first and is one of the most highly acclaimed astrology schools in the world.

How long does it take to complete the course?
It takes one year for the certificate and two years for the diploma.  Extensions may be given under certain circumstances but this is at the discretion of the school and may incur an additional administration fee.

Are there any exams?

No, all course work is by test papers and project work.

How many test papers are there for each course?
There are 24 for the certificate course, 16 for the advanced certificate course and 24 test papers plus a final project for the diploma course.

What is the difference between the certificate course and the advanced certificate course.
They are exactly the same except those enrolling for the advanced certificate course will have some knowledge of the planets, signs and houses and will bypass the first semester of the certificate course and starting at semester two.  The advanced certificate course is ideal for students who have some basic knowledge already and want to complete the certificate course and fast track to the diploma course.

Do I need to travel or come to the UK to do any courses?

No, all coursework is conducted in your own home and you are not required to travel at all.

Do I have my own tutor?
Yes, you will be assigned a tutor upon registration who will guide you and mark your papers throughout the course.

Do I need to buy any books?

No, all the reading materials for the course are supplied.  However, In the diploma course you are required to buy an ephemeris.

What is the exchange rate for the course fees?
As there are so many currencies which can change daily, we are unable to provide this information.  However, we do recommend the site for up to date information.

How do I pay for the course in instalments?
Upon registration you pay 1/3 of the course fees. The second payment of 1/3 is taken 12 weeks later, and the third payment 12 weeks after that. There is a £50 administration fee for this service and students need to provide a valid debit/credit card for instalments to be taken. Students also need to sign the terms and agreement to confirm they agree to pay the full amount.

What sort of work can I go into after completing my studies?

There are various types of work and the main one would be to set up as an astrology consultant.  However, many astrologers pursue the line of work in teaching, researching, media work or using astrology alongside other disciplines.

What is the difference between mundane and natal astrology?
Mundane astrology looks at the societal and global phenomena such as economics, politics and global events.  Natal astrology is personal astrology and explores the psychology of individuals.

Do the courses involve any mathematics?
Yes, both courses involve some chart calculation which is part of the astrologer’s craft.  This is minimal and an online calculator is provided by the Mayo for students to do their work.  Full guidance and instructions are given for these sections.

Can I register for the diploma course without doing the certificate?
Students can enrol for the diploma but would need to demonstrate proficient skills in chart calculation and basic interpretation.  Ideally students will hold the Mayo certificate or another qualification from a recognised school.

Do I need astrological software to complete any of the Mayo courses?
No, this is not necessary.  All information and links to relevant websites are provided.

Does the Mayo offer any way for students to communicate with one another?
Yes, we hold an annual student conference in the spring in London.  We are also working on a student forum and online classes will be available from autumn 2010.

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