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History of The Mayo School of Astrology

Jeff Mayo retired in 1981 and passed the school to Richard Young from Plymouth, England. Jeff remained Principal Emeritus.  Sadly, Richard passed away soon after taking over. His wife Marion continued running the school with the appointment of Jackie Hudson as Director of Studies. In 1987, Jackie Hudson became Principal and managed the school for the next twenty years.  In 2007, Wendy Stacey became Jackie Hudson’s successor as Principal. The School has been proud to maintain Jeff Mayo’s ideal of offering a sensibly priced course based on sound basic techniques across a broad syllabus to international students.

Tutors past and present include Christine Ramsdale, Judith Beckman, Jackie Hudson, Elaine Smith, Donald & Lillian Crawley, Joan Porter, Colin Parker, Rupert Jay, Richard Young, Brian Silcock, Terry Dwyer, Wendy Stacey, Caroline Moroz, Claire Chandler, Christine Chalklin, Graham Ibell, Alice Ekrek and Anne Britt-Lund.

In addition to the above, well known astrologers who have qualified with the Mayo School include Pamela Bennett, Dr Nicholas Campion, Dick Llewellyn, Mavis Klein, Sue Tompkins and Lindsay Radermacher.

Mayo chart

Mayo School of Astrology Natal Chart [5]
9th June 1973 2056 BST - 1:00 Shipley, ENG 53°N50'001'W47'
Geocentric Tropical Equal True Node

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