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Welcome to The Mayo School of Astrology
The Mayo School of Astrology offers Certificate in Astrology Course and Diploma in Astrology Course through distance learning/Correspondence or Online learning. The school is recognised as one of the foremost and internationally acclaimed astrology correspondence schools. Established in 1973 by Jeff Mayo the school is based in London, UK and provides online study to students around the world.

We pride ourselves on offering a broad syllabus of astrological education which gives a thorough grounding in the essentials of astrology, whilst at the same time ensuring our courses are enjoyable and stimulating for students. We are continually revising and updating our syllabus to improve the courses and pride ourselves on being founders and leaders in astrological teaching in the UK and around the globe.

Study at one of the oldest and most prestigious astrology correspondence schools in the world - all in the comfort of your own home.

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The Mayo school runs both a Certificate course, and a Diploma course. The Diploma is particularly unique as it offers a broad syllabus, giving students the opportunity to study and specialise in either natal or mundane astrology.

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The Mayo courses are also distinctive as whilst you are learning you are given real life cases to work through to test your knowledge and confirm your findings.

All courses are completed from home and at your leisure and convenience, although the school does require the Certificate to be completed in one year, and the Diploma to be completed in two years.

» Certificate Course
The certificate course of The Mayo School of Astrology is designed to give students a good grounding in the fundamental principles of Astrology. Read more

» Diploma Course
The diploma course of The Mayo School of Astrology is designed to give you sound training in all advanced aspects of interpretation and calculation to the highest standard. Read more

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